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We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

I wrote my thoughts on handwork on my blog.
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We introduce Handwork, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
・・・We advocate Life with Japanese beauty.・・・ 
 The Mastermind Behind the Blade
SHAPTON Ceramic Whetstone
For home cooking, a sharp knife is essential for good food.
It is SHAPTON's desire to keep knives clean and sharp at all times.
This overlaps with
Life with Japanese beauty

 [Mastermind Behind the Blade, how it was sold.]
We are pleased to announce that SHAPTON's "The Mastermind Behind the Blade" whetstone is now available for sale at the specialized in handwork.
The Mastermind Behind the Blade" has four characteristics.
1.Sharpens quickly. Since the abrasive content is high, the grinding power is strong and the blade can be
  sharpened in a short time.
2.Quick to sharpen. It is not necessary to soak the blade in water before use.
  The blades can be sharpened immediately after being splashed with water.
3. Less helicoptering. The optimization of the binder has made it possible to maximize the capacity of
  the abrasive to produce a grinding stone with fewer helicopters.
4.Various types. Selecting the most suitable grindstone for the blade material and shape makes it
   possible to pursue the best finish and sharpening feel.

We advocate "Life with Japanese beauty".
The sale of whetstones is a part of this philosophy.
At present, the world is in a panic from the Wuhan virus that started at the end of last year. Our lives have been put to rest from "self-restraint" and the spread of the virus has been put to rest, but the economy is not viable. The second wave is spreading as our daily lives recover. Economic stagnation is unacceptable in a capitalist society.
Our social life, which has changed since the coronation, will never return to its former state.
However, there is still no way to know how things will settle down.
When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck nine years ago, I thought to myself, "How could such a disaster have happened?
And now, the Wuhan virus has paralyzed the economies of the world.
In retrospect, the plague epidemic that killed one third of the people in Western society, and the Spanish flu that started in 1916 also killed many people in Japan.
The history of the world is the same.
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[Blades and whetstones]
1. You must enter the men's kitchen.
The family economy is based on one couple at its core.
  In today's society, dual income has become the norm.
  It's been a long time since we've been talking about a gender-equal society,
  but I don't think it's fair to say that only women should be cleaning, washing,
  cooking and raising children.
  It's not possible in this society.
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2. Japanese knives from Nikara Knife Forging
The Nikara family is one of Japan's leading sword smiths, with 350 years
  of tradition since the Tsugaru Clan gave the order to make swords.
  He is one of the leading swordsmiths in the world.
  Even in the Showa era, swordsmith Nikara Kunitoshi has been honoured
  from time to time.
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3. How to choose a whetstone.
Shapton's whetstone is one of the best products you can use, even
  if you are a novice cook. The reason for this is.
  This is because Shapton's whetstones work well with all types of knives and
   allow for smooth cleaning.
  Especially since our signature product, the "The Mastermind Behind the Blade,"
   is easy to use and has a wide variety.
  You're sure to find the perfect whetstone for your knives.
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4. Sharpening the whetstone
  Learn how to sharpen a Shapton whetstone on
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5. Seasoning of traditional foods
At Handicrafts, we suggest that you take care of your own health and that of your family.
  We offer you "my food" without any additives.

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 Rough whetstone #120  White #220  Moss #320   Blue Black
 Mediumwhetstone #1000 Orange #1500 Blue #2000   Green
 Finishing whetstone #5000 dark red #8000 Melon #12000  Cream
#30000 Purple    
 Recommended combinations
Daily use   Household use  Professional use 

  • The price is the base price. Consumption tax will be added to the price.
  • It may take a few days for us to deliver the product.
    We accept orders from ¥3,000 (tax not included).
    If you want to send one unit, you can use the inexpensive Letter Pack Plus (¥520).
Rough whetstone】 □Return   
Rough whetstone

 Product Code S-46001
Rough whetstone

 Product Code S-46002
Rough whetstone
Blue Black

 Product Code S-46003
 Medium whetstone□Return   
Medium whetstone
 Product Code S-46101
Medium whetstone

 Product Code S-46102
Medium whetstone

 Product Code S-46103
 Finishing whetstone□Return   
Finishing whetstone
Dark red

 Product Code S-46201
Finishing whetstone

 Product Code S-46202
Finishing whetstone

 Product Code S-46203
Mirror-finishing whetstone □Return   
Mirror-finishing whetstone 

 Product Code S-46301
Recommended combinations □Return    
Daily use  □Return
The #1000 has a high abrasive power, but the blade is less deformed, so it is very suitable for making a foundation for sharpening the blade.
The #2000 has too much space in between, and the polishing marks of the #1000 cannot be repaired if it flies to the next finishing whetstone.
In that sense, we recommend that you get used to using #2000 in between.
As for the finishing whetstone, #5000 is sufficient for everyday use.
The #8000 is suitable for the sharpness of Japanese knives used by professionals.

Shapton whetstone,
the mastermind behind the blade.
Daily use combination

#1000 ¥3,600
 #2000 ¥4,280
 #5000 ¥5,580
 Product コードS-46401
Although this is a medium-sized whetstone, it can cut so sharply that it is said to be unnecessary to use a rough whetstone, and is convenient for both rough and medium-sized whetstone. This blade is suitable for chisels, hairdressing scissors, carving knives, chopping eel, eel splitting, and foreign edged blade, etc.

A medium whetstone that can serve as both a medium and finishing whetstone and requires no time and effort.
Planing plane, razor sharpener, barber's scissors, carving knife, sewing scissors, trimming scissors, tuna cutter, eel splitter, stainless steel Japanese kitchen knife, Chinese kitchen knife.

This is an excellent whetstone with excellent bite and polishing power without the smoothness that is often seen in conventional finishing whetstone. Chisel, De-edged blade, salmon cutter, buckwheat noodle cutter, small de-edged blade, horse mackerel cutter, thin blade, foreign de-edged blade, freezer cutter, kitchen knife for home use, shears, chisel for ice work
Household use  □Return
If you want your knives to stay sharp, sharpening your knives at home is easy and easy.
However, many people are hesitant to do this because they are not used to it.
The Shapton sharpening stone requires less force and only takes half the time.
It doesn't need to absorb water and can be put in to sharpen right away with a splash of water.
Rough whetstone #220 is suitable for beef knives and household knives.
The #1000 is suitable for western-style, thin-blade and greenscale knives.
The #5000 is suitable for finishing whetstone for home use.

Shapton whetstone,
the mastermind behind
the blade.
Household combination

 #220 ¥3,600
 #1000 ¥3,680
 #5000 ¥5,580
 Product Code S-46402
This is a rough whetstone with excellent bite for chipped blade of stainless steel and rough whetstone of molten high-speed steel.
Melted high-speed steel, willow blade, octopus puller, buckwheat noodle cutter, stainless steel Japanese knife, real baked blade, beef knife, bone skewer, kitchen knife for home use, sponge cake cutter, Chinese kitchen knife.
#1000 Same as above.
#5000 Same as above.
Professional use □Return
For professional use, I don't need to mention it now.
The #1500 is good for everyday use.
It is also good for small-dip blade, willow blade, thin blade, rape knife and stainless steel.
The #8000 is recommended in combination with those finishing whetstone.

Shapton whetstone,
the mastermind behind
the blade.
For professional use
#320 ¥3,600
 #1500 ¥ 4,120
 #8000 ¥7,120
 Product Code S-46403
A whetstone with excellent grinding power and sharpening feel for repairing small chipped blades.
Planer, leisure knife, planting scissors, small blade, ajiko, thin blade, eel splitter, hon-yaki knife, petit knife.

This is a medium whetstone that is useful when it is a little less sharp.
Willow blade, octopus puller, small blade, thin blade, fugu/hamo cutter, hon-yaki knife, beef knife, household knife, cutting knife, planting scissors, flower scissors.

This is a whetstone that achieves the smoothness of sharpening and finish of a natural whetstone.
Planer, carving knife, razor, hairdressing scissors, cutting knife, willow blade, octopus picker, eel splitter, eel splitter, honbaki knife.
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