Mail Order of Traditional Handicrafts and Folk Art

We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

I wrote my thoughts on handwork on my blog.
The specialized in handwork
Payments from overseas
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We introduce Handwork, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
・・・We advocate Life with Japanese beauty.・・・
Company Profile  The specialized in handwork in the Tohoku region
management philosophy
(1)We aim to be a company that protects the dignity of people as human beings.
(2)To contribute to the inheritance of handiwork in Japan by introducing
  and selling products made by hand (mainly traditional crafts).
(3)In addition to helping customers understand the value of handwork, we aim to
  develop handwork through mutual understanding by incorporating
  the functionality that customers demand into our handwork products.
(4)To contribute to hotel management.
(5)To bring health and the joy of dance to ballroom dance enthusiasts.

Nasu Five Peaks
(from Nasu Shiobara City)

A view of the mountains from
the Houki River

home and office

early summer with fresh greenery

autumn of autumn leaves

Japanese garden at home        
Company Name Topy Planning ltd.
Address 100-467, Toyoura-nakamachi, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture, 325-0063 Japan
Tel/Fax +81-287-62-7673 
Cell phone number +81-80-5089-9227
Established April 8, 2010
Capital: 1,000,000 yen
Executive officer President and Representative Director 
Shigeru Hatta
Business Description (1)Sales of local products and
  food and beverage products
(2)Management of local products,
  restaurants, etc.
(3)management consulting
(4)Travel industry
(5)Provision of learning and
  education services
(6)Planning and staging of parties,
(7)Any business incidental
  to any of the preceding items.
management index
Business year   Total sales amount  Ordinary income (loss)  Remarks.
Fiscal 2010  243,000yen  -243,000yen  Start mail order
Fiscal 2011  1,257,000yen  83,000yen   
Fiscal 2012   6,162,000yen  -75,000yen   
Fiscal 2013 9,137,000yen  -480,000yen  Wholesale of the service area
Fiscal 2014 11,679,000yen  -274,000yen  Secondhand Kimono Sales
Fiscal 2015 12,418,000yen  389,000yen   
Fiscal 2016 17,764,000yen  188,000yen  Implementing the DRM method
Fiscal 2017 14,521,000yen  101,000yen 
Fiscal 2018 8,824,000yen  -1,660,000yen   
Fiscal 2019 5,289,000yen  -1,733,000yen  Great impact of Yahoo Server's withdrawal(Change of HP's address)
Fiscal 2020 8,944,000yen
Fiscal 2021
   As of Mayl 31, 2021 
 Admin Profile. 
 full name Mr. Shigeru Hatta
1950 Born at in Tochigi Prefecture 
1972   Graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji University 
1974   Trip to the Soviet Union, Europe, Middle East, India and East Asia (2 years) 
1975  We are married.
I met my wife in Venice, Italy,on11.25.1974.

The ring is engraved with the anniversary of the meeting.
1976   Graduated from Meiji University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Department of Economics 
I was blessed with twin daughters, Reiko and Luiko.
I've got a job at the Eastern Fisheries Production Association.
1980  Nasu Office of Japan View Hotel Co.Joining  
(During these 13 years I experienced F&B, front desk, booking department, sales department, nightclub, concessions and purchasing department.)
Mr. Toshio Ojima, a folklorist, teached me about folk performing arts and traditional handicrafts.
1993 I was transferred to the Hoshi to Mori no Lomantopia SoMa in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. 
2000   Departed to "Abukuma-do" in Takine Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
2007 I was transferred to "Hatori-ko Kogen Regina no Mori Co
2009 Resigned from "Nihon View Hotel Business Corporation"
2010 "Topy Planning ltd" was established.
I decided to sell their handiwork because of the interaction with the workshop artisans I had developed during my 30 years at the hotel. 
2011 Tahitian Noni Japan's IPCregistered. (IPC3260871) 
2012  Obtained the qualification of "Dietary Education Instructor" of NPO Japan Food Education Association 
2013   Contract with Nexco East Japan Retail Co., Ltd. (Sales of products to Yaita Kita SA upper and lower lines) 
Contract with Utsunomiya Station Building Development Co.
Agreement with Takine Tourism Promotion Corporation, Japan (Kanayama shop in Abukuma-do)
Establishment of the Health Division
Sign up to be a distributor of The Limu Company
Seagull Corporation's agency registration
2014 Entering the Kimono Secondhand Business.
Contract with Hoshino Resort Kaikawaji 
Delivered a commemorative gift to the 69th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery
Delivered to the JR East Labor Union Shinjuku Unyu Kyokai
Total number of orders reaches 1,500 (Dec. 10, 2014) 
2015 Total number of orders reached 2,500 (December 30, 2015)
Establish a policy to strengthen online shopping 
Cancellation of contract with NEXCO East Japan Retail Co.
The contract with Tamura City Takine Tourism Promotion Corporation was terminated.
Kimono business (temporarily suspended) 
2016 Strengthening of online shopping (introduction of DRM)
Consumption tax payment
2017   Strengthening of online shopping (DRMmethod)
Total number of orders reaches 4,500 (30.03.2018) 
2018   Enhanced HP and enhanced sales promotion "Tell the story"  
I began competitive dancing for JDSF.
Promoted to C class in two months.
2019  Sales restructuring (product selection)
Changing domains from Yahoogiocities exit to X'server (2019.04.01)
A domain change that has been pervasive for eight years will reduce performance by up to one-third. 
Promoted to C class in 10 months.
2020  From the 20th fiscal year, the company will sell overseas.
Create an English version of my blog and website. 
Re-introduce the used kimono business to overseas markets.
I started blogging a novel with the goal of selling it as an ebook.
(Title: Diary of a holly)
Family  Wife, two daughters, and two dogs (male dog in the mix)
Currently, I and my wife.
Every day, my daughter and grandchildren ask us. 
Hobbies and Sports  Soft tennis, tennis, alpine skiing, swimming, bowling, golf, ballroom dancing,sketching, oil painting, painting(ornamental), calligraphy.
A morning (or evening) walk with my dog.

・01.11.1974 Toledo      ・06.08.1974 Autobahn at Amsterdam city
Sketches I made during my trip around the world (1974-1975).
Commemorative photograph  
●The Port of Yokohama on 5,14, 1974.  ●At Brighton, MR. Yashiro and...      
●At Vatican, with my wife. ●Venice                             
●Turkey  ●TurkeyWith the shepherd's uncle.   ●Syria
 ●Afghanistan     ●Afghanistan Band Amir Lakes
 ●Picking cherries at Tanaka's farm, Soma Village, with my wife
 ●At the office    ●Romantopia of Stars and Forests
 ●Takine Goten at Abukuma Cave ●Hoshi-no-mura Observatory●Lavender field started at the time.
 ●Nasu View Hotel Romantopia staff●With everyone at Gallery Hazuki ●Nasu View Hotel exterior
●Ms. Shimoyama and Ms. Haga of Rakurugo-an
●the Forest of Regina at Lake Hatori Kogen  "Orsa and Atrio"
 ●The Ishinoshita Dance School's 10th Anniversary Party●Dance Demo with Partners
 ●Puppy dogs Goro (black hairt) and Daguer (tea hair)
 ●In front of my home,Shopkeeper
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2010/04/20 The homepage is now open.
Topy Planning  ltd.
100-467, Toyoura-nakamachi, Nasushiobara-City, Tochigi-ken
325-0063, Japan
tel/fax +81287-62-7673  Cell phone number: +8180-5089-9227