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We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

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We introduce Handwork, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
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Produced by Yoshinori Okuno
The warmth of the sunlight filtering through the trees and the pride of Japan-made
NASU FOREST WATCH was released from Nasu Royal Resort.
It was born with the birth of Emperor Naruhito in the first year of Reiwa.


  • We are pleased to introduce a clock designed and produced by Mr. Yoshinori Okuno.
    When I think of watches, I have several memories.
    One is a Seiko Quartz (about 70,000 yen at the time), which my brother gave me as a gift when I was 23 years old (1973) on a trip abroad, hoping to sell it when I needed it. It is also a black automatic watch by Seikosha, which my uncle gave me. I have a few memories since then, but now I love and wear my black watch (Seiko Chronos Black).
  • I met Mr. Okuno and got to know the world of wristwatch manufacturing.
    It's also about his enthusiasm for the watch.
    Normally, individuals do not make watches.
    It takes a lot to make one kind of product, and it costs about 5 million yen.
    Few will like that kind of thing.
  • Initially, he knocked on the door of a watch manufacturer, Kyowa Seiko, but he was turned away. But finally, his passion for watches motivated the founder to create his own original equipment (OEM) watches.
    He has a budget of only two types, but eventually he wants to make about 20 types, including women's ones.
    The exterior is made by Kyowa Seiko, a top watch brand.
  • Overseas, Kyowa Seiko Co., Ltd. is known as the "Minase" brand of luxury watches.
    The movement is the MIYOTA8215 and the Seiko Epson VR32, which are the best in Japan.
    I listened to him and decided to sell it because of his passion for watches.The origin of the NASU FOREST WATCH is also mentioned in his profile.
  • The Nasu Imperial Villa has been in Nasu, which Emperor Showa loved, since the Meiji era.
    And "Nasu Heisei no Mori" was made in a part of the huge Imperial Villa site from the death of Emperor Showa.
    That is NASU-HEISEI-NO-MORI-FOREST.(May 22, 2011).        
  • Since it is a personal brand, it is NASU Forest Watch without LOYAL.
    Nowadays, the demand for watches is less and less.
    In terms of the functionality of knowing the time, it is easy to know the time by looking at the digital notation in the future with a smartphone.
  • I see the watch as something to adorn myself with.
    It's a jeweled gemstone to wear when it's sunny.
  • When you are in your 40's and 50's, it's sunny.
    It's a great way to reward yourself, give a gift to a loved one, commemorate your husband's promotion or retirement, or make a wedding anniversary for the two of you.
    Why don't you give it as a gift from your wife or your children?
  • The handwork I recommend must be functional and beautiful. That's the fate of good handmade products.
    Your own unique work is a handcrafted product.
    These Yosinoro Okuno products can be found here. We are fortunate to have "Shimotike, Aizu, Tsugaru The specialised in handwork".

【Introduction of Mr. Yoshinori Okuno】
  • Yosinori Okuno was born in Kushiro, Hokkaido.
    His grandfather was on the island of Rebun.
    His grandmother was born in Kobe City.
  • Currently living in Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • He went from being an ordinary office worker to starting a watch manufacturer.

【About Watches】
  • Superior metal polishing techniques (high-density stainless steel is further compressed and polished from the base to the finish).Even in Japan, the craftsmanship is limited.
  • This polishing process gives the polished surface a beautiful outside view that doubles the luxury feel.
  • A sapphire crystal dome windshield is used, and its expression changes in various ways depending on the light source such as sunlight or indoor street lights.
    It is a watch that looks as if it has life in it.
  • Material and case are 316L stainless steel (1.5 times stronger than normal stainless steel), sapphire crystal.
  • The domed windshield has a Mohs hardness of 9, which is second only to diamond in strength.
    Exterior    Kyowa Seiko Co.
    Movement   Seiko Epson Corporation
             MIYOTA (Movement Division of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.)

    【Desire for watches】

  • These are the scenery overflowing with greenery of the NNasu Plateau and the Nasu Plateau that Emperor Showa loved immensely.
  • Mr. Okuno, a collector who loved watches, finally got a wristwatch, a GS (Grand Seiko), which he wore for the drive.
    The watch shines in the sunlight through the trees of Nasu Plateau.
    "Oh, how beautiful.
  • He wished to deliver the excitement of the moment to everyone, "as his own brand.
    This was the moment when the NASU Forest Watch was born.
  • A watch can be a great companion that you can always be with.
    We decided to develop and sell this watch so that you can experience the encounter with your favorite watch that he experienced.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation. by
    Yoshinori Okuno
Exterior Kyowa Seiko Co.    
Movement  Seiko Epson Corporation  EPUSONVR32
  MIYOTA (Movement Division of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.)   MIYOTA8215

Product Information
(mechanical system)
NFQ-002(Quartz)  Bracelet(316L stainless steel)
●The price is the price of the main unit.A separate consumption tax will be added.
●The product includes the main body of the watch, the box, the warranty, the instruction manual and the mesh bracelet.
●After-sales service.
Our professional staff, including first-class watch repair technicians, will respond carefully.
●To have your mesh bracelet replaced, take it to your local watchmaker.
 (Do not do this by yourself, as it may damage the bracelet.)
●These items are the First Version, which was made in the first year of the Emperor's reign,
  so there is a limited number of them.
NFA-001mechanical system)  First Version
Attachment: Mesh bracelet presented

Case diameter: approx. 38mm
(not including the dragon's head)
Case thickness: approx. 13mm
(thickest part)
Can width : 20mm
Product codeS-44-101■
Case: 316L stainless steel.
Belt: Genuine cowhide
21600 vibrations
Approximately 40 hours of power reserve
Dome-shaped bezel
sapphire dome windshield
Case side: hairline
Other: Polished Finish
bar index
Three-needle type
Hour and minute hands: Dolphin hand
date function
Champagne gold dial
 First Version
Attachment: Mesh bracelet presented
Case diameter: approx. 39.4mm
(not including the dragon's head)
Case thickness: approx. 11mm
(thickest part)
Can width : 20mm
■Product codeS-44-201■ 
Case: 316L stainless steel.
Belt: Genuine cowhide
Epson VR32
Chronograph function
Date Features
Dome-shaped bezel
sapphire dome windshield
Case side: hairline
Other: Polished Finish
bar index
Six hand type
Hour and minute hands: Dolphin hand
date function
Sunray black dial


・Mesh Bracelet
Made by Bambi
316L stainless steel
Free-adjustable type
Polished type
■Product code S-44-301■ 

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