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We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

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We introduce Handwork, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
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Contemporary Artists of Mashiko Ware
Susukida Ito 
The Susukida Kiln was started by my father, Koji Susukida, in 1970.
Since then, for 50 years, he has been producing simple and warm dishes for modern life in his small workshop. Each item is carefully made one by one.
Because they are handmade, the same design and glaze may have different colors.
We hope you will enjoy the warmth and texture of the handmade products.

This time, through the connection with Mr. Komine of the Komine Pottery Center, I was able to get acquainted with six contemporary artists We were allowed to choose from each of the works at the Komine Pottery Center. We were allowed to choose from each of the works at the Komine Pottery Center, and one of them was the work of the Susukida-gama The first time I saw it, it was in the middle of the exhibition. Mr. Koji's pottery had a typical Mashiko-yaki style, while his daughter's work was a fresh, white colored piece of pottery. It was a work of art. It is a modern color and shape using a technique by Ichin, but I felt the potter's firm will in it. I have chosen it.
We believe that the Susukida-gama will continue to provide us with wonderful works of art in the future.
When we visited there, Mr. and Mrs. Usuda were in the middle of work and took a photograph. From an amusing story, they know Mr. Yamaguchi of "U-Craft" in Nasu Kogen well, or their husband is from Fukushima Prefecture. He was born in Miharu, and his ancestors came to Miharu from Oga, Akita Prefecture with the lord of the Satake domain who had been transferred to another clan. There are not many people who can read "Susukida" from "Susuida". He also mentioned that there is an Akita View Hotel in Akita Prefecture, and that he was seconded to Soma Village in Aomori Prefecture for seven years to work there. I worked at Abukuma-do in Takine, right next to Miharu, for about three years. And as we talked about it, I felt as if we were old acquaintances.
Because we are the same age, I guess.

At present, the susukida-gama has been taken over by Mrs. Ito after Mr. Koji Susukida passed away. She lives in Tokyo and has taken over the dual life of the studio.
It is a blessing to be able to carry on the pottery-making tradition that Koji Susukida started and to continue his work.
We are introducing her work and the late Koji Susukida's works at The specialized in handwork. The images introduced at the time are shown as is.
We also accept orders for works by Kohji Susukida.
Please take a look at her works, which are of salt-glazed climbing kiln.

The Susukida Kiln was started by my father, Koji Susukida, in 1970.
Since then, for fifty years, he has been creating simple, warm wares for modern life, one by one, in his small studio.
Because they are handmade, the same design and glaze will have different colors.
We hope you will enjoy the warmth and texture that only a hand-made pottery can provide.
Our studio is located a little off the street of ceramics.
If you are ever in Mashiko, please stop by and say hello.

Susukida Ito
O・B・M Handcraft

Ito Susukida at present

(Image at time of creation of hp)

The late Koji Susukida (2011)

Ito Susukida in process of hanging ichin

   A picture of the family in the past
Susukida Ito
1973 Born in Mashiko Town
1999 Completed an apprenticeship
    at Tochigi Prefectural Ceramic Training Institute
2000 Completed as a research student
     After that, I worked for my father.
     Solo and group exhibitions, etc.
2002 Mashiko Pottery Group Exhibition
     Nihonbashi Gallery Kai, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
     Solo Exhibition at Tsukamoto Artists' Gallery
      in Mashiko.
2019 Shinjuku Takashimaya Nihonbashi Maruzen
    Group Exhibition

2020 Maruzen Nihonbashi Group Exhibition

Koji Susukida
1945 Born in Nanjing, China and raised in Osaka
1967 Completed Kyoto prefectural pottery training school
     Studied under Gen Murata in Mashiko
1970 Construction of the present kiln
     Since then, he has had solo and group exhibitions
     in various locations.
2000 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Kanoya, Mashiko
     International, Woodfire Festival
     Participation (Yongin, Korea)
     The Thousand Year Door Exhibition,
     Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Art
2001 Gallery Clay Pottery Gallery Group Exhibition,
    Seoul, Korea
2002 Gallery Kanoya, solo exhibition in Mashiko town
2005 Gallery Kai, solo exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo
     Held annually thereafter
     Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition North Kanto
     Art Exhibition
     Selected for the Mashiko Ceramic Art Exhibition
2015 Died at the age of 70

-from the blog of Itoh Susukida
「It's about my father」

My father was born in Nanjing on August 4, just before the end of the war.
He was six months old, with his parents (my grandparents) and five children (my father was the youngest).
I'm told that you literally pulled your life out of the water.
My grandfather has been sick since then.
He died about a month after arriving in Japan.
He was desperate to protect his family, so his own body must have been secondary to his own.

My grandmother originally came from the Shimazu clan and my grandfather from the Miharu clan.
The Usuda family was a samurai family.
Read more.
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  • Please wait for 2 to 3 months if we do not have them in stock.
    All items are handmade, so there may be slight differences in shape, pattern, or color of glaze. Please forgive me.
  • Size, shape, pattern, etc. are available upon request.
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Small plates□Return     
A small oval dish (ichin) 
 4cm x 10cm x h2cm 
 Product Code O-0504101
A small round dish 
 9.5 cm dia. x 1.5 cm high
 Product Code O-0504102
Small flower-patterned plate

 9.0 cm dia. x 2.5 cm h2.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504113
Square plates□Return
Rounded rectangular plates

 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm h1.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504103
Rounded rectangular plates
 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm h1.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504104
Square plate
 11cm x 11cm x h2cm 
 Product Code O-0504105
Square dish (rim)
 W 19 cm x H 12 cm x H 1.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504106
Cake plate
 (5inch round dish)
 φ15cm x h1cm 
 Product Code O-0504107
Salad Bowl
 φ14.5 cm x h4.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504108
Four-sided bowl
 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x h3 cm 
 Product Code O-0504109 
Octagonal dish
 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x h1 cm 
 Product Code O-0504110
Large plates  □Return    Chopstick rest□Return 
8 inch round dish

 φ24.0 cm x h1.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504111
8 inch rim plate (Ichinin)
 φ24.0 cm x h3.5 cm 
 Product Code O-0504112
Chopstick rests (set of 5)
 4-cm x 5-cm x h0.5-cm 
 Product Code O-0504114
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Multi-Cup□Return  【Free Cups】□Return  
 φ10cm x h6.5cm 
 Product Code O-0504201
Free Cup
 φ8.5 cm x h9 cm 
 Product Code O-0504202
Hiroshi Susukida Works (8 posthumous works)  □Return   Please ask for details.
  • This piece is a deceased work by Koji Susukida.
  • Price includes tax.
Handled Bottle with Salt Glaze
 φ13cm (mouth part)
 23w x 27h
 Product Code O-0504301
Salt glazed jar with three ears
 18w x 29h
 Product Code O-0504302
Salt glazed chamfered pot
 23w x 19.5h
 Product Code O-0504303
Salt-glazed braided jar
 18w x 21.5h
 Product Code O-0504304
Salt glazed chamfered vase
 23h x 12.5w, φ4.5 (mouth part)
 Product Code O-0504305
Salt-glazed, single-mouth

 Product Code O-0504306
Salt glazed bonbonniere
 (Cake bowl)

 Product Code O-0504307
Salt-glazed Sake Vessels
 φ11×16h (8h to the mouth)
 Product Code O-0504308

There is a technique called " Kintsugi" for the repair of pottery using lacquer.
A kit for kintsugi is available for purchase.
For more expensive repairs, we can arrange for a specialist to repair the item.
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