Mail Order of Traditional Handicrafts and Folk Art

We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

I wrote my thoughts on handwork on my blog.
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We introduce Handwork, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
・・・We advocate Life with Japanese beauty.・・・ 
Now there are 156 workshops in 106 industries  
Handicrafts in the Aizu region  Handicrafts in Tsugaru Region
Handicrafts in the Shimotuke region □Handicrafts outside the zone.  □Traditional food handiworks
□We are currently working on an English version of our website.
 Please look forward to the English versions of each of the workshops.
 In the meantime, I apologize.

□We are now able to sell all of our products overseas.
 Until the English version is available, please use translation
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 O・B・M Handicrafts   16 workshops in 10 industries    

Paper cutout artist of my own taste
Noriyuki Hagita
益子焼現代作家 薄田浩司・いと 菓子器
Mashiko ware
Usuida Kiln
益子焼 吉兵衛窯 南雲英則
Masiko ware
 Kichibe kiln
Hidenori Nagumo
創作工房あくつ 阿久津雅土
Creative Workshop

染色作家 高久加奈子 
Dyeing, Craftsman
Kanako Takaku
「OBM handcraft」
  • I have been looking for ways to collaborate with "contemporary art and craft" as one of the ways to promote "handwork" traditional crafts and folk art that I am currently working on, and O.B.M Handcrafts was a concrete measure.
  • The category "Handicraft" used to include traditional crafts and folk art.
    However, I felt the passion and vigorous creativity to put on a young art through the activity of the people who are doing art activity in the art and the craft of the Nasu Heights recently, expanded the object of "life with Japanese beauty" from a conventional frame, and came to the advocacy of new "life with Japanese beauty" including a contemporary art and the craft.

  • In addition, it has been said that "Shimotuke, Aizu, and Tsugaru As mentioned in the "Handicraft Department/Policy" section, we have decided to carry out specific activities under the theme of "Creation of Handicraft Products" through collaboration with these people.
    On my website, I will introduce these collaborative creative products under the category of "Old Traditional Technic But Modern Design Handcrafts "O・B・M Handcrafts"
  • The idea of "living with Japanese beauty" is one guiding principle in the collaboration of contemporary arts and crafts with traditional crafts and folk art.
    It is a thing which can be said to be Producut by 'traditional technique' and 'new creative art' with the beauty which responds to the sensitivity of people who live in the present age 'functionally' and 'today' demanded by life.

  • Furthermore, it is not just woodwork, cloth, or bamboo products, but also a mixture of them.
    New O・B・M Handcraft products are introduced on the page of "Shimotuke-Aizu-Tsugaru Handwork" and "Handwork Blog/O・B・M Handcraft"
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