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 and the Kumaso
 (Japanese Warrior)

Size: Nishi-Nouchi 2-page
 Product code T-16017
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  • 日本武尊は12月に熊襲国に着きました。そして、国の様子や地形を観察しました。当時、熊襲には魁帥(たける)という者がいました。


  • 日本武尊は衣の中から剣を抜き出して、川上梟帥の胸を刺しました。川上梟帥は息を引き取る前に、頼んで言いました。
  • 川上梟帥は言いました。
  • この後、弟彦たちを遣わして、ことごとくその一党を斬らせました。生き残る者はいません。
  • 28年の春2月1日に、日本武尊は熊襲を平定した状況を奏上して、

 and the Kumaso
 (Japanese Warrior)

  • Nippon Takeru nomiko arrived in the Kumaso country in December. They then observed the state of the country and its topography. At that time, there was a man named Takeru in Kumaso.
  • His name was Toroshikaya, also known as Kawakami no takeru. The relatives had just gathered and were about to have a party.
    So Nihon Takerunomiko threw off his hair, took on the form of a maiden, and secretly asked for the time of Kawakami's party. He put his sword inside his robe, entered the house of the banquet, and became lost among the women.
  • Marshal Kawakami liked the maiden so much that she was beautiful that he took her by the hand and made her sit beside him, took her cup and made her drink and play with her. And so, as the night wore on, the people became sparse. Marshal Kawakami was drunk.
  • Nippon Takeru pulled a sword out of his robe and stabbed Kawakami Fushan in the chest. Marshal Kawakami said before taking his last breath, begging.
    Wait a minute. I have something to say to you.
    Nippon Takeru stopped his sword in the middle and waited.
    Marshal Kawakami said.
    Who are you, sir? He asked.
    I am the son of Emperor Ootarashihiko," he said.
    His name is Yamato Oguna. Nippon Takeru replied.
  • Marshal Kawakami said.
    I am a powerful man in the land. No one can match my might and no one can say they will not obey. Although I have fought with force many times, I have never had a person like the Imperial Prince. It is a lowly person like me who wears the title with an insulting mouth. Will you listen to me?
    Very well.
    "From now on, please take the name Nihon Takeru no Miko.
    When he finished saying that, Nippon Takeru went through his chest and killed him.
    This is the reason why we still refer to him as " Nippon Takeru no Miko " even to this day.
  • After this, he sent his younger brothers to cut off all of their parties. No one survives.
    In this way, they went to Japan by sea and crossed the Anakai through Kibi. There was a raging god there. He killed her right away. At Namba, he killed the raging god of Kashiwa no Watari.
  • On February 1, the spring of the 28th year, Nippon Takeru no Miko played on the situation that had pacified Kumagai, saying, "Thanks to the emperor's divine spirit, I raised my soldiers, killed the chief of Kumagai, and pacified the country.
    Thus Nishishu was calmed down. The people are safe.
    Only the gods of Anoji in Kibi and Kashiji in Namba were harmful and tormented the people on the road, and many evil people were gathered there, so they killed them and opened the way to safety on land and water.
    He said.
    Hearing this, he praised and favored the emperor for his achievements.