・箸置き 横長

・Chopstick rest: horizontal
  L60 x W10 x W10 (mm) 
 Product Code TW-HYN

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  • Natural stone inkstones are available in standard sizes.
    Please note that the shapes are not the same as in the pictures.
  • If you would like to order an inkstone with your name on it, please contact the Ogatsu Inkstone Kaiwadou and Masaru Yamazaki for a customization request.

These pictures are for reference only.
They are not the same.
  • 雄勝硯は元和年間(1615年-1624年)伊達政宗に献上されるなど著名人に愛用され、1985年(昭和60年)通商産業大臣(当時)より伝統的工芸品に指定されました。
  • 天然スレートとして法務省旧本館、東京駅丸の内駅舎(雄勝産、スペイン産併用)などに使われています。
  • The Ogatsu inkstone was presented to Masamune Date from 1615 to 1624, and has been used by many famous people, and in 1985, it was designated as a traditional handicraft by the then Minister of International Trade and Industry.
  • As a natural slate, it is used in the former main building of the Ministry of Justice and the Marunouchi Station building of Tokyo Station (both made in Ogatsu and Spain).