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Ashikaga Bank, Kuroiso Branch Ordinary 361485
   カ)トピイキカク / Topy Planning ltd.

  □Japan Post Bank
   Postal Savings Bank,Branch 019  Current account 0633590
   カ)トピイキカク / Topy Planning ltd
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   Code number  00130-8-633590
   カ)トピイキカク / Topy Planning ltd

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  □Post Payment Service Fees will be added.
  □Pay Pal We accept credit card and PayPal for payment.

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  □Morning (〜12:00)A department excluding  □(14:00〜16:00)  □(16:00〜18:00)  
  □(18:00〜20:00)  □(19:00〜21:00)
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FAX +81-287−62−7673
For more information, please contact  Topy Planning  ltd.
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